Postcards Received, 1998 to 2014

These are the postcards that I received from various people.

1998 (1)

Steph: “Hello! How are you? We went to Fort Edmonton Park today. Tomorrow, we go shopping! How is it being home alone? Mom says to water the plants! Yes! Did you wake up in time for church? I hope so! Bye!”

1999 (1)

Judy Gilbert: “Hi, I hope your transition to Seaport is going well. I’m enjoying spending time with my folks here in Switzerland. Take care. See you soon.”

2000 (1)

Connie: “Hey Leslie, Happy Birthday! 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate the big 24. Thanks for having us over to your place last month. Hope you like the present and that you’re learning all you need to learn at David Fellowship! See you around. Love in Christ, Connie.” (Veggie Tales, yay!)

2001 (3)

Elizabeth: “Hi Leslie. I didn’t get a chance to talk to you before I left on a week’s vacation to Whistler. (July 15-22) with the family and Lisa. Unfortunately, James had to stay behind and take care of our kitties. It really isn’t the same here without him! We do talk every night, though. Anyway, we haven’t done anything too exciting, as the weather’s been rainy! Hopefully, things will perk up in the next couple of days. I’ll give you a call when I get back. Take care and God Bless!” (July 17) [gorillas playing hockey!]

David and Elaine: “Dearest Leslie, You’re a priceless friend who I treasure. Your patience and honesty as a friend truly encourages me to the extent that I often cannot put into words because the Glory of God and Grace of God that lives in you is indescribable. May these frames and photobooks be filled with people like you who desire to seek God, who desire to love God, who desire to spend eternity with each other (and most importantly, of course), be pictures of you and me!

I don’t know if you remember giving me a bag of elastic bands, but you did at a prayer meeting! And well, just to show my appreciation, Dave and I (Dave figured out how to do it) present you with an elastic ball! 🙂 If you need an elastic, take one off. If you need stress relief, you can squeeze it. Or if you just want to play with a ball, you can chuck it around. ENJOY! Love, Dave and Elaine Marr.” (September 16)

Dawn: “Hey Leslie! What’s up? Here’s the postcard I keep promising. It’s Shanghai, China, but I had to send it from Hong Kong. 😦 … I *still* don’t know your address to your place, so hope you receive this. Anyway, all the best! Talk to you later. Dawn.” (November) (Shanghai Charm)

2002 (1)

Mom: “My high school friend Ann took me to Toronto’s waterfront, called Queen’s Quay. There, I also saw Uncle Edwin’s sister-in-law. What a small world. From where we were, we had the best view of the CN Tower. Anyway, I might be home before you get this card.” (September 10) (Skydome and the CN Tower… go to Been There, Saw That for more!)

2003 (1)

Steph: “Hi, Sarne! Greetings from Cavendish!” (Anne of Green Gables house plus Island Hymn)

2004 (5)

Jim (harryroberts): “Leslie! Hello there. Finally sending you something from me! You have a great way of dealing with life, and I wish more people were like you. Glad we are friends. :)” (Newcastle Bridges) (March 1)

Denise Eulert: “Dear Leslie, I live about 3/4 mile south of the Capitol, in an older residential area. I drive by the building often, but have been inside less than a dozen times. In 1966, a huge tornado nearly took out our downtown. The dome was damaged, but repaired. I love Topeka. It’s my home, and there’s no place like it. (obligatory Oz reference)” (Topeka, Kansas) (Oct. 4)

Katya (katzk): “Dear Leslie, MERRY CHRISTMAS! May it be a very wonderful day filled with love, hugs, presents, and white SNOW. :)”

Lisa (fallingforever): “Happy Holidays!”

Dawn: “Hey Leslie. Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season! Well, here is a postcard from Taipei, Taiwan. The pic is of The Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall. The building housing it is quite massive. If you look closely, you can see the C.K.S. statue. It looks just like that memorial in Washington with a seated Abraham Lincoln. See ya! Luv, Dawn.”

2005 (27)

KQ (sjenkins): two blank Singapore postcards

Dawn: “Hey Leslie! How are you these days? Well, just wanted to say a quick ALOHA from Waikiki, Hawaii. 🙂 It’s so beautiful here, and the beaches outrank English Bay’s by far, haha. Anyway, wishing you all the best.” (May 10)

Charlotte (charshark): “Hey Leslie! Here’s a postcard that actually represents my area pretty well. It’s usually not that green though, haha. Well, I hope you have an awesome day! Watch out for those Chrises! ;)” (August 26)

Dawn: “Hey Leslie, Just saying a quick HI to you from Beijing, and a THANK YOU for being the first to give me a birthday card, haha! All the best, Dawn.” (October 18)

Vivian: “Hey Leslie! Salut et Bonjour de Marseille. This is a postcard of the Vieux Pont, kinda like the downtown of the city. Marseille is a fairly old city.. well, really old compared to anything in Canada. 😉 Still, its population is half that of Vancouver. After a month and a half here, I suppose I’m pretty much adjusted and settled in Marseille. I really do miss home, especially on Sundays. How’s everyone at church? Fellowship? The kids? I miss you guys.

I’ve been going to the E. Free Church here. Service is of course in French, but in fact, a lot of the congregation speaks English! They’re nice and welcoming. I’m glad God brought me there. I hope you’re doing well, and that I’ll catch you on MSN one of these days! 🙂 Do say HI to your family for me, please! Thanks! 🙂 Take care and God bless! Love, Vivian.” (November 4)

Samara (mystic_notions): “Greetings from WINTERPEG! I hope all your holiday wishes get granted. Happy holidays, and I wish you all the best for 2006!”

Christine (occipitaldruid): “These are our beautiful mountains guarding the north side of the city. We call them the Dragon spine. 🙂 There’s a whole story about the Dragon.” (Organ Mountains, New Mexico)

Caroline (riadsala): “Leslie – I hope you’re having a very happy day, and that all your holiday wishes come true! Cheers, Caroline” (Philadelphia)

Katya (katzk): “St. Petersburg is often called the Northern Venice, for it has plenty of water canals. But boats aren’t the main transport here. 🙂 Besides, it would be difficult to go around in winter because rivers are covered in ice. Same story in Canada, I guess. Greetings from Russia! Katya.”

Katya (katzk): “This is St. Petersburg too, in watercolors. I have still to live my first winter here in Peter. I’m curious. I think all the parks (Peter has a lot of them!) will be entirely beautiful. They were in summer and in autumn. I love watercolor postcards. I can’t draw and I can’t buy original works, but I can have postcards! 🙂 Katya.”

Vivian: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂 It’s getting colder in Marseille, but unlike Vancouver, we haven’t had rain in a while. As the holidays draw nearer, I hope you’re taking time to relax even as you write up Christmas cards and do Christmas shopping. 🙂 Report card time for the students here. Luckily, my job is not to grade them… just getting them to talk can be challenge enough! How’s the fellowship? And the AWANA kids? I read up on your blog every so often.. thanks for the updates! Happy holidays to you and yours. God bless!”

Kadri (bad_habit): “Happy holidays, Leslie! I hope your holidays are peaceful and that you get to spend them with your loved ones. Say, why do people always insist that snow is white? Snow is hardly ever white, I think. Even on this card – pink! I guess saying it’s white is the easy way out.

And no, I don’t know what a normal holiday card looks like. This I consider to be fairly normal (both the writing and the card). Man, this card makes me want to go skiing. (I’m also betting that’s not how you spell that!) I can’t, of course – no snow at the moment. But as I’m out of space – häid pühi once again. May each day make you smile!”

Sheryll (sheryll): “Top right: The Alamo… amazing to wander through such history! Bottom right: San Antonio at night. Left: Riverwalk – especially beautiful when all lit up with Christmas lights. Odd to enjoy while wearing summer clothes, though!” (San Antonio)

Sheryll (sheryll): “The Alamo from the other card is actually the first in what is called the Mission Trail – a line of five Spanish missions. For some reason, my favorite is Espada. It is the least preserved of the five, and the farthest from the city.” (San Antonio)

Charlotte (charshark): all nine postcards are blank!

* Virgin and Child with Angels: Folding Ivory triptych, with traces of polychromy… from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
* the Seine and Notre Dame from Paris, France
* the Legend of the Dogwood (having to do with the Crucifixion)
* the Big Hole River and the Pinter Peaks in the distance on Highway 43 between Wise River and Wisdom, Montana
* New York City
* an “artsy” one by Anne Taintor involving those word fridge magnets: “my garden kicks ass”
* wolves
* Seattle University fountain and Christmas tree at dusk
* yellow brittlebush and saguaro cactus by Canyon Lake on the Apache Trail in Arizona (should ask Corey if he’s ever been there in his travels to visit his ex, heh)

Carmina (on_the_ground): “I don’t have any beautiful cards from my city, so I send you a flyer I like from my fave Spanish band. They have the best lyrics and live sound in history, so it’s an honor that they are from Valencia and that I’ve met them many times. They’re really normal persons who sign all the CDs you ask them to… So I guess that’s why they are also the best for me. [La Habitación Roja = The Red Room]”

2006 (10)

Dawn: “Hey Leslie! Hope that this card finds you well and enjoying that Vancouver summer weather! I just came back to Hong Kong after a trip back into China, only this time to the southern province of Yunnan, where there are a lot of rural villages / really old towns that still retain a lot of the life and architecture of a bygone era / where the most of China’s ethnic minority groups live. Well, all the best… and I will see you in 604 soon! Love, Dawn.” (August 9)

Dewitta (doublu): “Hey, glowing_dragon! Is this your first postcard from Singapore? I know that it says that the picture was taken in the 80s, but it was the only decent one that displays the Merlion. (THE tourist icon of Singapore) The landscape hasn’t changed much, anyway, Just the obligatory increase of modern skyscrapers. 🙂 Happy Holidays! LJer doublu. P.S. Wikipedia can help you out with MERLION because I’m running out of space here. :D”

Janina (mrshannibal): “Finding a postcard of San Leandro is very hard – so here’s the town next to mine – sometimes I work at this place, too…” (Oakland’s Network Coliseum, home to the Raiders and Athletics)

Savina (bodha): “Dear Leslie, I hope you like the postcard I’ve picked for you. It depicts Palace Schönbrunn in all its glorious cheesiness. Oh, yes, me – I’m Savina Kalanj a.k.a. LJ user bodha. And this palace is not too far from me… so in case I need some Christmas spirit, I drive down to the Christmas market there, avoiding the happily drunk and going straight for the sugar-coated apples. If it snows, that’s even better… because the snow muffles all sounds and makes everything / everyone even slower by default. That, for me, is the Christmas spirit: something sweet and some quiet, and a little bit of cheesiness. That being said – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” (Vienna, Austria)

Kadri (bad_habit): “Happy holidays, Leslie! Okay, so it appears that Estonia is lacking in the ‘dragons’ section. I figure our winters are too cold for them. (say, are dragons migratory creatures?) But here’s a picture of my hometown for you. Pretty neat, huh? To the left is a good (but expensive) café. You can buy ice cream in the summer and sandwiches in the winter from the main building. And in the building on the right is a garlic restaurant. And yes, then there’s the church. So, if you ever come here, you can find the place. (oh, a tip: to shorten your search, start from the Town Square) Oh, of course, if you come here… then let me know, I’ll show you around. I don’t actually know what to write on a ‘holiday’ card. I always tend to write what’s on my mind, only lately I’ve come to suspect that might not be the case. I guess now it’s too late to reconsider. 🙂

You know, since I just watched Dragonheart (well, it was on TV), I have a feeling that all dragons speak in the voice of Sean Connery. I’m sure that’s not the case, though. Besides, how could they tell who they’re talking with? Or who’s male or female? And why do I think they’d speak the same language anyway. Ah, but do let me know whether you think they’re migratory. I’m curious now. I hope your holidays are peaceful.”

Amy Capuano (letmypidgeonsgo): blank New York postcard

Saara (sinnarn’s friend): “GREETINGS FROM JAPAN! Hi! Thank you for the Christmas card! And thank you for the Totem Pole card, too! It was fun. I wrote my master’s thesis about Kwakiutl masks, so I’m a bit familiar with the Northwest Coast art. I enjoy my time here in Japan, but it’s a bit weird that there’s no snow on the ground in December. If you want to visit Japan, I recommend the Kyoto area and all the old shrines and temples there. Happy New Year! Finnish: Hyvää uutta vuotta!

Frane Kalanj (bodha [Savina Kalanj]’s uncle): “Zdravi bili. Be good. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Sv. Filip-Jakov is a small village on the Adriatic coast. It’s the best place for me. Frane.”

Frane Kalanj (bodha [Savina Kalanj]’s uncle): “Here is a view of the boat port in Sv. Filip-Jakov. All the best. Frane.”

Katya (katzk): blank postcard of the Savior-on-the-Blood cathedral in St. Petersburg

2007 (4)

Corey (dwcorey): “Hi Leslie! You said you had a postcard of the CKS Memorial Hall, so you get one of the Taipei 101 building instead. We went up to the 91st floor, which is as high as they allow you to go. From up there, other tall buildings in the area look pretty puny. I’m sure you’ll have talked to me plenty about the trip by the time you get this, plus I’m almost out of room, so you can get the rest of the trip info online! – Corey.”

Randal: 2 cute postcards from the Jelly Belly factory in San Francisco from his bus tour… how sweet!

Lindsay (yours_for_life): “Greetings from Florida! ♥ This is yours_for_life @ LJ fulfilling one of your holiday_wishes to receive worldwide postcards! While a Disney postcard or beach scene might have also represented Florida, I thought nothing could compare to our wildlife! Happy and warm holiday wishes to you and yours! ♥, Lindsay.” (it featured a pelican!)

2008 (4)

Janina (mrshannibal): two Oakland ones; the Network Coliseum (Raiders and A’s), and a general Oakland one

Tracey (bttfbabe): “I’ve been here [Quechee Gorge in Vermont], and it is AWESOME! Definitely not for someone who is afraid of heights, though. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009! Tracey.”

Karine (karineinthepool): “Hi, Leslie! Here’s a great pic of a great city! Melbourne has great people, cool trams, and lots of public parks and gardens! Happy holidays! XOX, Karine.” [Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – Yarra River and skyline]

Katariina (valkeakuulas): “Hi! 🙂 This is valkeakuulas from holiday_wishes, posting a card from where I live. It’s not the greatest city ever like I believed before moving here from the countryside, but I adjust pretty easily. You see the church? It’s built in the times when Finland belonged to Russia, and looks very Russian! The other Russian-looking building is Usponsi cathedral in the left upper corner. It’s an Orthodox church. When you go in the upper right corner, there’s a park area. Traditionally, uni students go picnic there on May Day. There are a lot of uni buildings in the pic, but I can’t make out which is the main one! Anyway, I’ve grown to like the city. If you visit someday, I hope you remember me writing this card from the other side of the world. Yours, K.”

2009 (3)

Kelli (neonrose5): “From our vacation at Niagara Falls earlier this year… enjoy!”

Karine (karineinthepool): “Hi Leslie! I think I sent you a postcard of Quebec City last year, so I thought this one would be a nice change! Unfortunately, my sticker stash is running low, so these are sort of boring, but I hope you like the bookmark! Merry Christmas! XOX, Karine.” (a lighthouse at Sea Cow Head)

Casey (chickabimbo): “I’m on vacation here in Orlando, and thought I’d add in this postcard for you! Happy Holidays, and all the best for 2010!”

2010 (5)

Steph: “Yaz is Lard! Greetings from Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. Yaz would enjoy the heated toilet seats here. What a reality!”

Leslie (sexnseafoam): “Dear Leslie, Hope you’re doing well! Wanted to give you a postcard that would only somewhat show the extent of the Filipinos Roman Catholic worship. It’s all pretty cool to see. Except for Easter. Google it, and you’ll understand. Take care, and see you on LJ! Leslie.”

Didu (didu): “Holiday_Wishes greetings from Finland! The pictured bridge is called Jätkänkynttilä, and it’s the prettiest bridge here in Rovaniemi. Rovaniemi (or “Roi” as I call it) is the Christmas town of Finland. You can find Santa stuff here all year round, not just around the holidays! Didu.”

Shelley (always_bryn): postcard of the State Capitol Grounds in Richmond, Virginia

Karine (karineinthepool): “Merry Christmas, Leslie! Hope these [new fuzzy red pair of socks] will be nice and cozy this winter! XOX, Karine.” [the postcard featured the Alberta Northern Lights]

2011 (10)

Kadri {bad_habit}: “Hello, Leslie! I fear the only holiday this card won’t be late for is Chinese New Year, so happy Chinese New Year to you! It looks like you had a much better year this time. As a matter of fact, mine was also pretty decent! I got a new job which I like, I saw my friends a lot, and I got to travel in Europe. All was well!

I hope this year brings as much joy and fun as the last one. No, wait, more! Who wouldn’t want to be happier? And I think it should contain at least one adventure. Oh, I plan to run at least a 10 km race in autumn. I’ll be practicing for it and all! I took up running in… October, I think. I just wanted to see if it was as bad as I remembered from my school years. And it’s not. It’s fun. It’s just that in school, you were made to run 5 km with no preparation on Day 1. So you ended up hating running – or at least I did. But if you start slow, then you can run 5 km after just two months without any trouble. And at least I enjoy it. It’s good for me AND fun – what else could I ask for? Oh, so yes, I’ve taken it to be my mission to tell people this. The people out there running do mostly enjoy it, as hard as that is to believe. Couch 25k is a great place to start. Just saying. Just in case. 😉

Have a great year! Toodles! Kadri.”

Janina (mrshannibal): a “World’s Bliss” Maui postcard, a “What Dreams May Come” Hawaii postcard, a Raven Images wizard with a crystal ball postcard, a fairy postcard, a “Don’t Freak Out” postcard, a “Let’s Turn This Into A Math Problem” postcard featuring arsenic poison into a beverage (HAHAHAHA!), and a “human body” postcard featuring an “eater” / Diet Pepsi bottle / “lack of Diet Pepsi warning system” (7)

Live (blackballoon): “Dear Leslie, Wintry greetings from Norway! 😀 May all the season’s peace and magic be yours this December. You deserve it! ♥ Here’s to hoping 2012 will be a kinder year than its predecessor. Live.”

Karine (karineinthepool): “Hi, Leslie! Sorry this took so long. It has been a hectic holiday season. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2012 is awesome for you! All the best, Karine.”

2012 (5)

April (abw92): “Hello! I remember you here from last year. This is a popular place in Winnipeg called the Forks. They have shopping, concerts, and other fun events. I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy 2013. April.”

Anne (circlingfreedom): “Hi, Leslie. How are things in Canada? It’s a scorcher here today, 37 degrees C. One day, I’ll get to see a white Christmas! One day! I’ll bet it’s cold over there. The postcard is of Yogi. He’s my ex-housemate’s dog, and so smart. We taught him to be a ballerina. Well, to twirl, at least. Hope you have a great Christmas. Anne, AKA circlingfreedom.”

Didu (didu): “Enjoy the season and treat yourself!”

Alessandra (dru_it): “This is the wonderful view I have from my room! 🙂 XXX from Italy. :)”

Pennsylvania postcard from Julie S. (julie709)

New Zealand postcard from Zoe (zoewwelover)

Luaineach (_luaineach): “Merry Christmas from the desert! And Happy New Year – I hope 2013 brings you many good things!”

2013 (9)

Janina (mrshannibal): four postcards from Hollywood / San Francisco / GO TO HELL!

Ny (browngirl): “Dear Leslie, Happy Holiday Wishes! This card depicts an excavation in a town not far from me. I hope you enjoy these stickers, and if any dragons come my way, I will direct them to you. :D”

Didu (didu): “Holiday_wishes greetings from Finland! Here is a dragon for you! [nice drawing]”

Katherine B. (retsuko): “They really are this cute for real! But they sleep a LOT, so I’ve only seen them being active a few times. :)” [San Diego Zoo pandas – Hua Mei, Mei Sheng, Su Lin, Zhen Zhen, Yun Zi, Xiao Liwu]

Katherine B. (retsuko): “This is the harbor in the downtown core. I’ve been in the tall building on the far right, and the view is AMAZING. :)”

Katherine W. (quilladdison): “Hello Leslie! Here’s some information about The Hoosier State. Happy holidays!”

2014 (3)

Janina P. (mrshannibal): “Wishing you a super fun and very happy Easter! Leslie – I saw this hockey card [trivia quiz], and thought you might like it. Have a great Easter. Love, Janina.”

Deanna H. (endlessblush): “Hello, Leslie. As promised, here is your postcard from Sydney. The Sydney Opera House is the most amazing building. When you are climbing up the steps, it’s only then you can appreciate the design and style of the sails. They are covered on tiles, and look magnificent. The best way to see Sydney is to get on the ferries. The locals use these for public transport, but for tourists, it’s the cheapest way to see the magnificent Harbor.”

Helena (konishi_zen): “Hello! Hope you enjoy the nice little overview of Old Chongqing! It’s probably not happened in a while, but it’s a pretty scene! Velocity Girl.”

Total: 92


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