People Who Have Given Me Postcards That I’ve Kept

Yup, the first of two postcard-related entries. These are the people who have given me postcards that I’ve kept. (postcards received!)

I also have a bunch that I bought myself from P.E.I., Alaska, Toronto, and other places.

Family: 3
Judy Gilbert: 1
Connie: 1
Elizabeth: 1
David and Elaine: 1
Dawn: 5
Jim (harryroberts): 1
Denise Eulert (Baker): 1
Lisa (fallingforever): 1
KQ (sjenkins*): 2
Christine (occipitaldruid): 1
Katya (katzk): 4
Charlotte (charshark): 10
Vivian: 2
Samara (mystic_notions): 1
Caroline (riadsala): 1
Kadri (bad_habit): 3
Sheryll (sheryll): 2
Carmina (on_the_ground): 1
Dewitta (doublu): 1
Janina (mrshannibal): 15
Savina (bodha): 1
Amy C. (letmypidgeonsgo): 1
Saara (sinnarn’s friend): 1
Frane Kalanj (bodha [Savina Kalanj]’s uncle): 2
Corey (dwcorey*): 1
Randal: 2
Lindsay (afterthedreams): 1
Tracey (bttfbabe): 1
Karine (karineinthepool): 4
Katariina (valkeakuulas): 1
Kelli (neonrose5): 1
Casey (chickabimbo): 1
Steph: 1
Leslie (sexnseafoam): 1
Didu (didu): 3
Shelley (always_bryn): 1
Live (blackballoon): 1
April (abw92): 1
Anne (circlingfreedom): 1
Alessandra (dru_it): 1
Julie S. (julie709): 1
Zoe (zoewwelover): 1
Luaineach (_luaineach): 1
Nyani M. (browngirl): 1
Katherine B. (retsuko): 2
Katherine W. (quilladdison): 1
Deanna H. (endlessblush): 5
Helena (konishi_zen): 1
Bernice: 1

Total: 89


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