Wikipedia’s list of meat animals

I’ve eaten cattle / cow, steak, veal, rabbit, lamb, pig, boar, deer (venison), chicken, duck, quail, ostrich, pheasant, pigeon, goose, turkey, snake, alligator, frog, anchovy, cod, halibut, salmon, shark, tuna, crab, crayfish, lobster, prawn, shrimp, abalone, clam, mussel, oyster, scallop, snail / escargot, cuttlefish, octopus, squid, and imitation meat out of this list. Might have had buffalo / bison, as well… I don’t remember, unfortunately. (but not with Carina!)

This reminds me of 50 Foods everyone should try and the times my mom ate cat and Jon’s friend Ty ate dog.

Wikipedia’s list of meat animals

* Beef (bovines):
o American Bison
o Cattle
o Steak
o Veal (calves)
o Yak
* Canids:
o Dog
o Fox
o Wolf
* Felines:
o Cat
o Lion
o Tiger
* Equines:
o Horses
o Donkeys
o Zebras
* Lagomorphs:
o Hare
o Pika
o Rabbit
* Marsupials:
o Kangaroo
o Opossum
o Wallabee
* Ovis (sheep):
o Lamb
o Domestic Sheep
o Bighorn sheep
* Caprae (goats)
o Domestic Goat
o Ibex
o Wild goat
o Barbary Sheep
* Suidae (swine):
o Domestic pig
o Peccary (Javelina)
o Wild boar
* Venison (Cervidae):
o Caribou (reindeer)
o Deer
o Moose
o Antelope
o Giraffe
o Red deer
o Rocky Mountain goat
* Primates:
o Gorilla
o Orangutan
o Chimpanzee
o Bonobo
o Human (cannibalism)
o Monkey
* Rodents:
o Beaver
o Guinea pig
o Capybara
o Muskrat
o Rat
o Squirrel
o Greater Cane Rat (“Grasscutter”)
o Paca (Agouti or tepezcuintle)
* Cetaceans:
o Whale
o Dolphin
* Pinnipeds:
o Walrus
* Other mammals:
o Bear
o Elephant
o Raccoon
o Rhinoceros
o Weasel
* Poultry (birds):
o Chicken
o Duck
o Game birds:
+ Dove
+ New World quail
+ Ostrich
+ Pheasant:
# Grouse
# Partridge
# Quail
+ Pigeon
+ Woodcock
o Goose
o Turkey
* Reptiles:
o Turtle
o Lizard
o Snake
o Iguana
o Crocodile
o Alligator
* Amphibians:
o Frog
o Salamander
o Toad
* Fish:
o Anchovy
o Cod
o Eel
o Halibut
o Salmon
o Shark
o Tuna
* Insects:
o Grasshoppers
+ Chapulines
o Ants
+ Escamoles
o Bees
o Cockroaches
o Beetles
+ Jumiles
o Larvae:
+ Grubs
+ Caterpillars
* Crustaceans:
o Crab
o Crayfish
o Lobster
o Prawn
o Shrimp
* Other arthropods
o Scorpions
* Mollusks:
o Abalone
o Clam
o Conch
o Mussel
o Oyster
o Scallop
o Snail (also see escargots)
o Cephalopods:
+ Cuttlefish
+ Octopus
+ Squid
* Artificial meat:
o Imitation meat
o In vitro meat


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