Freddy Mercury, too much stress while grocery shopping!

RIP Freddy Mercury. You’d be 60 today. 😦

I had so much stress when grocery shopping today! It’s true that I got Wacky Mac (colored pasta!), those Mini Chantilly cream puffs (in freezer with the ice cream cakes by the other cakes), some iced tea mix, Trident Juicy Fruit in red / yellow / blue / pink, and Trident Splash in apple-raspberry / strawberry-kiwi. While there, I noticed Western Family peppercorn ranch dressing and Classico vodka pasta sauce. I got Western Family mushroom pasta sauce and honey dijon salad dressing instead. However, that wasn’t going to do me any good if I forgot my debit card at home! So then I had Barry drive me back home to look for it after convincing the cashier that I’d be back… ugh, I hate realizing these things at the checkout!

I’d seen a blue card while I was rushing to leave earlier, so assumed that was my debit card and scooped it up. No, that was my Air Miles card! After some fruitless minutes spent looking for the real debit card, I convinced Barry to go to the bank. There was a huge lineup, but I got my money split between accounts. (how did I manage to spend all that money in a couple of weeks?! o_O) While waiting in the LONG lineup (two tellers left while I was standing there!), I was thinking about where that (and my bus pass) could be… I hadn’t seen them since that time I went to London Drugs / Milestones. So I thought that since they weren’t on the floor, they’d be in my laundry…

Then I realized that I’d left them in my pink-and-white shorts, which I’d obviously thrown away in the production-related accident without checking the pockets first! Oh, FUCK! So then I asked the teller what to do about a lost debit card: all I had to do was bring in a piece of ID and they’d cancel the existing one and order me a new one. (that didn’t sound too bad, except that I had no ID on me right then!) Maybe this coming week… I do know that my trips out will be curtailed as a result of this, so perhaps I can save some money! Heh, I can see that going out to places with my mom might come in handy, haha.

I could get a new bus pass too, but it would cost $55 for only less than four months… I guess I can stick it out, as computer-oriented as I am! Heh. So then Dave drove me back to the store (Barry had to leave and do other stuff), where my purchases were still there after 40 minutes… good thing I didn’t get a lot of frozen stuff! I made conversations about Pathways and the clubhouse… bank, thrift store, kitchen, and more! (better than someone else’s idea of it, but not more amusing!)

Eric’s movie idea is looking better and better with each passing minute… let’s watch Edward Norton do magic for our escapism! Oh, and I also finished my rum: 5/30/05 to 9/05/06. Of course, my brother isn’t answering his phone… dang. Maybe I’ll call Eric himself later on…


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