Happy Canada Day! / Milestones dinner with seafood salad / personal questions


The Milestones dinner was okay… I had a good seafood salad, though! Billy said his ribs weren’t quite as good as other times he’d had them, but it was a change from having burgers all the time. Karen delayed Randal for a bit by going to Future Shop, and we all said “Surprise!” when they got in. Andy, Andrea, Jen, and Pastor Edward showed up: that was good! Randal looked kinda festive with his gold tinsel crown / HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner, personalized balloon / flowers, haha. Karen simpered when she asked Randal whether he’d read the group gift of a thinline NIV Bible before… uh, of course he had! Stella fed baby Benjamin once, and I told him that he’d meet my brother on Sunday. When Kevin wasn’t wowing our end of the table with stories about health inspection (soy / industrial-grade food coloring / arsenic!), he asked me whether Jon would be playing for that church (GCBC) again: I have NO idea!

Billy and Stella invited a whole bunch of us via email to a World Cup get-together tomorrow: Jen thought that Jon could drive her, but learned from calling him on Andrea’s phone that he’d be in Kelowna for the day playing his violin somewhere. Andy had to work, I got Steph’s voice mail when I called her from Jen’s phone, Andrea’s at a high school friend’s wedding (Andy said it was “starting the trend”), and Nathan is busy doing something. We discussed dating and relationships, what we wanted in the opposite sex, the “games” people play, what people might think of “coffee” (not a date) and “dinner” (a date depending on both people’s intentions), what girls meant when they said “no,” and how you shouldn’t behave in an inappropriate manner toward your friends / brothers and sisters at church. Matters of payment (both paying their own ways as in a quick noodle dinner before leading worship) and flirting were brought up, too. (Karen really liked how Ivan was ultra-prepared for presentations in Uncle Richard’s Sunday School class… and will never ask males out now for one-on-one time since she’s married)

Andy gave me a ride home, during which he managed to confuse Dylan with Eric M. (“Dylan sometimes gives you a ride home, right?”) and say that I was really very bright. “You know what? You’re really very bright! You understand what we’re talking about.” Then I asked him what he meant, and whether he was saying that he thought I was an idiot. (yeah, I was a little mad :P) He said, “Oh no! Sometimes you think things of people.” Then I pressed him, and got this in response: “You know, when people first meet you, they might think you’re a little slow. You’re not, are you?” Not really, no!

Then he asked why I walked like that, and what happened to my foot (whether I hurt it or not): “It’s better just to ask instead of just staring!” (sure, but sometimes I don’t like those questions! :P) So then I told him that it was cerebral palsy… in answer to his question, I said that I didn’t think it was inherited. Then I asked him whether he hadn’t noticed it before: yes, he had. I told him that I appreciated his asking me about it, but all I wanted to do was shut down. He’s an okay friend of mine, yet I had the thought that I should have gone home with Andrea and Jen earlier! Oh well… that just made me feel defensive for some reason. *sigh* (I don’t expect EVERYONE to know what’s up with me and my foot, but I’d expect they would know after a certain period of time… I just don’t like discussing it much!)


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