Boston Pizza being too expensive, desserts, and Half-Life 2

It’s official: Boston Pizza is now TOO EXPENSIVE for me. I was sort of able to absorb the price hike when they changed their menu a while back, but I went back tonight and noticed that they’d raised prices again: the extra dollar does make a difference sometimes! I haven’t had a steak from there in at least a few months, mainly because of the previous price hike and various money issues. But now, I don’t think I’ll go there except MAYBE on Pasta Tuesdays… and maybe not even then. 😛 Corey was telling me some time ago that Boston’s was too expensive for his family, and now I guess the price hike has made its way up here as well. *sigh*

I got three Hungry Man Salisbury Steak microwaveable meals (hopefully they’re as good as I remember from months ago :P), plus three other ones from Stouffer’s since I had coupons to save $1.50 on three of them. For the dessert tomorrow, I was thinking about generic vanilla ice cream, but figured that it would melt over the course of the evening… so I opted for some lemonberry crumble. (healthier than a cheesecake, and less expensive!)

Before I went out, Eric was telling me about some HALF-LIFE 2: EPISODE 1 semi-quote which didn’t quite involve the word “procrastination.” It involved another word which started with “procr” and ended with “ation,” but which could be taken the wrong way out of context… believe me, I knew what he was talking about! He told me that “now would be an excellent time for procrastination” when figuring out my MSN name. In the game, there’s a “reproductive suppression field,” which is down at the time Dr. Isaac Kleiner (a goofball scientist) says the real quote. (“Or in other words, you should all do your part for the revival of the species.”)

Hungry Man Salisbury Steak microwave meal!


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