Happy St. Patrick’s Day! / Teasing / Horrible quiz / Videos courtesy of Corey and Wilson

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This is the text of the card I sent to Cassandra recently:

When Irish eyes are smilin’ and Irish smiles are big,
When Irish hearts are hopeful and the piper plays a jig,
When Irish stew is bubblin’ and the soda bread is hot,
And Irish tea is steepin’ in a little Irish pot,
When the room is warm with laughter and the songs are bright and bold,
And there’s poetry and magic in the stories that are told,
Isn’t it a blessing?
Isn’t it just grand to know a little part of you belongs to Ireland?

This is my funniest green icon, even though it’s not specifically for the holiday. Hee hee. πŸ˜€

This entire quiz should be taken out back and shot, along with its creator. UGH!

Corey’s been helping me with the Matt situation as per the Seattle Phone Pranks CD: taking into account international shipping and such, I should charge him $10-20 on a money order or cashier’s check. “Since he’ll be paying in US $, that’s like 50 billion Canadian! Go for like $15-20, then that covers shipping plus gives you some profit to spend on me for sending you that in the first place. πŸ˜› Do a cashier’s check or money order… those are as good as cash. Personal checks aren’t.. the bank sure will take the personal check, but it’s safer to go with the others. If his check bounces or whatever.. you’re screwed. The other two are pretty much like cash, once you have them, you have it. A check is a piece of paper that says you get that much, and then the bank goes and gets that money. Say $15.37… burn an audio CD for him, not a data CD. Looks like it fits on a CD. It’s about 74 minutes.. the length of a normal CD. The ones you have are probably 80 minutes, though. Nero can probably make an audio CD without having to convert the mp3s beforehand to WAV files… just open Nero and pick audio CD. :P”

Some weird Japanese comedian that calls himself “Hard Gay” and yells a lot. (courtesy of Corey, who told me to disregard the last part of the URL since it’s nothing gross :P)
Some guy playing the Simpsons theme on his guitar. (courtesy of my cousin Wilson, who warns me that YouTube is HIGHLY addictive… I think so, haha!)

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