Boo to Quizilla… yay, Zenhex! / Corey’s help and cheer

I have now discovered that I don’t like Quizilla‘s new CodePaste for the results that I get… it’s a little HTML-heavy for me. At first, I thought there was something wrong with it when I couldn’t see the HTML results on the page like I could before! Thank goodness for Zenhex‘s result codes, which is what I’m used to… their quizzes are even dated, yay! Note to self: I should scroll down and copy all the possible results with their scores, as well. It’ll be interesting if I ever look back on it, haha. 😀

With a bit of help and teasing from Corey, I managed to get the email sent out to Matt as to pricing and how he’d pay me. I was a bit foggy on the exchange rate, but Corey set me straight… and then asked whether it took all night to send an email. Of course not, but I want to make sure things are phrased correctly and such. As it turned out, Matt was fine with the price I set and the method of payment, so things are a go as soon as he sends me his address so I know where to send the Seattle Phone Pranks CD when I get around to burning. (when I get a bit of money, heh)

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