Impulse buying… at least most of the books I buy are for others?

Gotta write this post quickly so I don’t get caught in the scheduled Blogger outage at 7… phew!

Note to self: Do NOT impulse-buy / go shopping when hungry.

I went to the store for some soup, noodles, a Bathroom Reader for Corey, and Stouffer’s microwaveable meals. (I have too many “save $1.50 on 3” coupons, dude!) When I’d checked out, I’d bought more soup and noodles (plus other brands of microwaveable meals) than anticipated. I’d also bought Worth More Dead: And Other True Cases by Ann Rule and Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into Hollywood for myself. (I’m moving, and I buy MORE books?! *thud*) Then I remembered the “$5 off $35 purchase” coupon that I had for Chapters, which I’d offered Jasmine last week. I decided to use that for Bathroom Readers so Eunice and Andrea could enjoy them too. (I guess Steph can store everything in Jon’s room, haha) Of course, I bought bookmarks for every book too (plus one for Jen’s Bathroom Reader)… oh well. (Uncle John’s Great Big Bathroom Reader #11 for Jen, Uncle John’s Supremely Satisfying Bathroom Reader #14 for Eunice, Uncle John’s Unstoppable Bathroom Reader #16 for Andrea, and Uncle John’s Fast-Acting Long-Lasting Bathroom Reader (#18) for Corey… I think I gave Citrus, Chrystal, Nathan [2], Palmer, Hannah W., Helen K., Cindy, Eric T., Eric M., Eric H., and Danielle all different ones last year, but I’m not sure!)

One of the bookmarks I got was a DRAGON bookmark… perfect for me! 😀 “Dragonology: Working With Dragons. Attempting to ride on a dragon should be done only in cases of dire need, or with a dragon’s express permission. European Dragon: Draco accidentalis magnus. European Dragon Facts: Lair is a mountain or sea cave. Size is 45 feet long, and 12 feet tall. Colors are red, green, black, and gold. Forms of Attack are flame, tail, claws, and horns. Dragonology is a trademark of The Templar Company. Dragonology logo, graphics, text, and characters are copyright 2005. The illustration is copyright 2003.”

After that, I finally went to White Spot to use that coupon for a free appetizer with entree purchase that I’d lucked into at the IIHF hockey game in December. (roast turkey with dipping chicken!) Then I went to Shoppers to get some gum since I discovered that I didn’t have any on Saturday when Jason asked me for some, a clean body pouf (I don’t know about packing my used one…), and some Nyquil which will hopefully help me sleep! Kinda productive, but not.

Hey, just on time! Yay!

P.S. While I remember, I should send Vanessa the link to the image below. She was talking about Kandoo with Melia and others on Saturday, and I mentioned that I had an image like that. Of course she was all for my sending it to her, haha! I’ll send her the poop icon too, so she can laugh at that. 😀

Edit: Vanessa’s reaction: “OH MY GOODNESS Leslie, the second picture is SO weird, but kinda funny! hehehe… =P thanks for the email! =)”

Hey, we won 7-4 against the Columbus Blue Jackets too! Sweet! 😀

Dragonology bookmark!


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