Dreams about crowded cruise ships / Farrah’s belated package

I had a weird dream that involved a VERY crowded and bright cruise ship, where my friend Steve Wright was the food / ambience director. My friend Karen Lew was on this ship and was enjoying the trip with me, my parents, and my brother Jon. The elevators on this thing were very crowded, and two passengers in wheelchairs just reduced the already-cramped space by a lot: think people pressed against the walls during a regular load. I remember that we had to guess who would kill one of their fellow passengers: while I was flying about the ship, I went to one of the back passageways to look for something. There, I bumped into Willy Kump and Rebecca Henderson serving food: I haven’t thought of them in YEARS! We talked and I looked at the new food services brochure, all very prettily designed by Steve… very eye-catching, too! Then I tried doing these MASSIVE word searches: think a list of at least 450 words (sometimes 800!), and a word search spread over at least a few book pages!

Afterwards, I tried to go back to find my parents / Jon / Karen / other people we’d gotten to know… suddenly, all the doors were locked and closed while a menacing figure with brown curly hair and a round freckled face blocked the way out. I managed to get out of there by killing him first, then hightailed it to an entirely different area of the ship. There, I saw Corey trying to charm this girl named Avita (I think I’ve taken too many of her Memegens in the past two weeks) into bed.. it all hinged on proving whether the kids in the NARNIA series knew the eventual outcome of all their adventures. The proof was found on page 76 or 78, in Lucy’s words to Edmund. I looked in their white dresser drawers to avoid seeing the action on the bed, and then figured I’d go out of the room (they didn’t notice me because I had mad stealth skills :P)… but then I was spooked when I heard footfall noises in the hallway, so ducked back in that room and closed the door. After that, I woke up…. strange dream. o_O

I got a (birthday / Christmas?) package from Farrah today! πŸ˜€ It contains a letter, a Christmas card, two random photos (homecoming / Cozumel), and the Book of Put Downs: A Collection of Acid Wit by Laura Ward. That book will go well with my Giant Book of Insults: Incorporating 2000 Insults for All Occasions and 2000 More Insults by Louis A. Safian that I got a few years ago, and reminds me that I need to get the book that Kyle recommended for me a while back: Heart Seizure: A Novel by Bill Fitzhugh.

“Quotidian” is a very simple word: heck, I learned it in French a LONG time ago! Let’s just say that you KNOW you’re smart when you’re a freshman and you use a word that the teacher doesn’t understand! πŸ˜‰

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