Spicy Writing?! / Questions 4101-4150 of 5000 / Afterlife Quiz

Jasmine’s friend Teunis (the same guy who she emailed me about a few days ago) just said that my writing was “spicy, intelligent, and fun.” Eeepers, hahaha. o_O

Hmm… Karen Choo just emailed me three times. I wonder what’s up… oh, two are Fellowship-related. The other one is personal, saying that she’s not forgotten that she has something to make up to me. (see this post for more details) I know she hasn’t, but the reminder of such is a good thing. Yeah, I can be patient when the mood strikes… and impatient at other times. But I’m being patient about this like I normally would be, haha. šŸ˜€

I got $10 each in lucky money from Auntie Kwai and Auntie Cynthia: they’re so very kind, even if the first woman IS my distant cousin Wilson’s mom! (haha)

Exchange of the day:

Justin: “Hey guys, do you think we’d get money if we went up to every married person at this luncheon and said GUUNG HEY FAT CHOY?!”
Me and Clement: *look at him in wonder* “Hmm… I don’t think it would work! Although it IS crowded down here with married folk… hehehe.”

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I’m going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn’t fit as an entry, anyhow. šŸ˜›

The only complete copy… you’ll have to go around erasing answers.

4101. What is the most difficult thing you have ever overcome? Certain realizations about certain people that I used to know. Enough said.

4102. What is more important: how much someone has achieved, or how far they have come to achieve it? How far they have come.

4103. Have you ever had anything published? Not really… I don’t count church testimonials in anniversary booklets as something being “published.”

4104. Of the following, what kind of person would you be more attracted to (1 is highest, 3 lowest):

less good-looking than you? 3
about as good-looking as you? 1
more good-looking than you? 2

How good-looking are you? I’m kinda average-ish.

4105. less intelligent than you? 2
about as intelligent as you? 1
more intelligent than you? 3

How intelligent are you? I’m kinda smart, heh.

4106. has less money than you? 3
has about as much money as you? 1
has more money than you? 2

How wealthy are you? I’m lower middle class.

4107. less wild and crazy than you? 3
about as wild and crazy as you? 1
more wild and crazy than you? 2

How wild and crazy are you? Pretty crazy, if you catch me in the right mood.

4108. Is your bathroom shelf stacked with numerous bottles of lotions and creams? No, not really…

4109. How do you maintain your body? Original answer: “What do you mean by maintain?” *thunk* My answer: “Try to eat right, get some exercise (though I’m failing miserably in that regard), etc.”

4110. Did you ever imagine that objects have a life of their own? Hahaha, oh yes.

4111. What is it like to be an object, do ya think? I don’t know… aren’t they just kinda inert and sitting there? Sounds sucky to me.

4112. Do stones, rocks, trees, lamps, water, couches, etc. all have some sort of life energy running through them? Most times, sure… only I’m not so sure about the couches and such!

4113. Would you ever consider getting romantically involved with:

your teacher? Maybe, if we weren’t in a teacher-student relationship at the time.
your doctor? No.

4114. If ____ asked me for sex, I could NOT refuse. Fill in the blank as if you were speaking. ….. I’m not answering this. Not that I’m a prude, but I do consider my readership, haha. Then again…. someone with a hot accent and the right combination of care and such would win out, heh.

4115. What is “nothing”? A state devoid of all matter.

4116. Would you rather read about how to get better abs or about how thousands of people across the globe are marching for peace? The global peace marches.

4117. Should America make love, not war? Yes.

4118. If you could nominate anyone for sainthood, who would you and why? Original answer: “Huh?” Eeepers. My answer: “Billy Graham since he’s done so much for the world of Christianity!”

4119. Can you name one person who is purely good? …. no.

4120. How about one person who is completely evil? …. no.

4121. Is there a book inside of you? Yeah, and it’s a long one.

If yes, what about? Life, friends, made-up stories, randomosity, etc.

4122. Do you call people more often, or get calls more often? It’s about even, depending on whether I decide to leave the phone on or not… mwahahaha.

4123. What do you wake up to? Usually it’s the light / noises around my building. Next week, they’re apparently doing power washing… aiya!

4124. If you could get a free subscription to any magazine, what would it be? Any magazine about words.

4125. When you wrote letters to Santa, did you ever ask for stuff that didn’t exist? No…

4126. Make up a new slogan for McDonald’s: I’m hatin’ it so much… we love the sound of puking! (hahaha)

4127. What kind of people do you like to be associated with (business, writers, dark, antisocial, spiritual, happy)? Happy, Kind, Empathetic Listeners, Understanding, Funny…

4128. How are you like a toaster? … I’m not.

4129. Do you believe we are really in the Matrix? Not really.

4130. There are 2 dolls: a G.W. Bush doll and a Saddam Hussein doll. You can only afford one. Which do you buy? Original answer: “George Bush, because he’s easier on the eyes and you can still stab him with a needle if you want.” Hahaha, I’m stealing this one!

4131. What is a jabberwocky? Something most frightful with jaws and claws. o_O

4132. Finish the sentences:

I’m a speed racer and I drive real fast, I drive real fast: Original answer: “like a speed racer.” Uh… ORIGINALITY CHECK ON AISLE 5! My answer: “because the thrill of the raceway is my drug.”

I’m a big bird and I like to steal, I like to steal and I like to: Original answer: “steal.” Uh… ORIGINALITY CHECK ON AISLE 7! My answer: “sell the stolen items for profit on Ebay.” (note: I do not condone such actions… this construct is just for literary license purposes, mmkay?)

I’m a Barbie doll and I’ve got grace, I’ve got grace but: Original answer: “not really.” Um… this really isn’t that much better than the other ones, is it? *junks answer* My answer: “I’m really just molded plastic, so you can’t personify me.”

4133. What do you think aliens would think of life on earth? Very incomprehensible and technologically backwards!

4134. What image do you get from the words “urban decay”? Filth, sprawl, the stuff I read about in Adbusters and other such publications…

4135. Have a ___ day. Fill in the blank with anything but “nice.” “Scrumptious.”

4136. Do you own anything with a:

South Park character or logo on it? No.
Grateful Dead bear or logo on it? No.

4137. What is your impression of beatniks? Original answer: “Huh?” Eeep. My answer: “They were and are cool, dude!”

4138. What was the last thing you ordered (or watched) on pay-per-view? The Canucks-Wild game on NYE at Eric’s place.

4139. Nails: long or short? Short.

4140. Do you prefer touch lamps, the clapper, or the old-fashioned light switch? The old-fashioned light switch.

4141. Can you “berry talk”? No.

4142. Do you like vines on old buildings? Depends if it adds character or not.

How about graffiti on old buildings? No!

4143. When someone says “it’s been one of those days,” what do they mean by “those days”? Crappy, stressful, tiring…

4144. Have you ever owned those magic markers that could change colors? I think so!

4145. It’s not easy bein’ ____. Fill in the blank as if you were speaking. “Me.”

4146. Is there a song that has been stuck in your head since you were a child? No.

4147. Do you own anything plaid? No.

4148. Do you recycle? Yes.

4149. What is your strongest point? My caring kindness for other people. Most of the time, anyhow.

4150. What is your weakest point? I can be very critical.

What are you doing to work on that weakness? Trying to see the good in people.

After you die…
Parallel Universe

After death, you will continue to exist as if nothing has ever happened. You will continue to be yourself, but because you are in a parallel universe, some things will be different. You may not have married the same person, and you might live in a different spot… but you will be the same person underneath it all, and you will continue your life unaware that you ever died.

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

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