Bad Day / Chinese New Year… Year of the Dog! / Questions 4051-4100 of 5000 / Survey about what I have

Thanks to my mom’s thinking that I have to sleep over after the dinner tonight, this entry is postdated. Live with it. 😛 I unfortunately have to… *sigh*



It’s the Year of the Dog! No, it’s not to celebrate raw dog…. or even Nazareth’s Hair of the Dog. It just has to do with the Chinese zodiac. Look it up yourself. 😛

I just checked my email, and my Darwin (Australia) friend Dave sent me a Chinese New Year greeting… so thoughtful of him!





Photobucket was being really slow, so it took a long time to upload this photo he included:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Friendship – Your inner power is Friendship! Your friends mean everything to you, as you do to them. You are generally a happy, laid-back person who anyone can approach. You love more than anything to make new friends and hang out with your old ones. Everyone generally loves you for being such an awesome, cheerful person. You have heaps of close friends, and can think of nothing better than to chat on the phone for hours with them, or hang out with them whenever you can. You’d die to protect your friends from harm, and are always there for them, no matter what. Life for you is just a breeze: with the friends you have, life is all but perfect. And if you are ever brought down, your friends would just pick you right back up again, and be there for you no matter what… like you’d do for them! You have a positive outlook on life, and people love to be around you because of your joyful / bouncy nature. You probably love a good joke and tease your friends until they are bright red, but they love you all the same. Good on you for being so positive! With your attitude and all your friends, life for you will usually be great!
Boy / Girl who will sweep you off your feet: The guy / girl who feels like the best friend in the world. The two of you would be able to talk about anything together. He / She would probably be your friend first before you fell for them.
Your stone / jewel: Emerald
Your power: Friendship. The ability to make friends with anyone, and to soothe old rivalries so that peace and friendship are upheld.
Your element: Water
A quote that applies to you: Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say.

What’s your inner power? (Girls only, sorry. Beautiful anime pictures, lengthy results)
brought to you by Quizilla

I apologize in advance for the crappy answers: I’m too much rushed here. o_O

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I’m going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn’t fit as an entry, anyhow. 😛

The only complete copy… you’ll have to go around erasing answers.

4051. What have you heard about the next Harry Potter book? Nothing, I’m not into that.

Will you pre-order it? Nope.

4052. Would you rather go out or stay in? Stay in.

4053. What’s your favorite song to hear on Halloween? Monster Mash or Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

4054. What song makes you feel all tingly like you want to laugh and scream and cry? Too many.

4055. If you were starting a website that was not about you, what would it be about? Weird facts, haha.

4056. Do you ever take the long way just for fun? Sometimes.

4057. “… and God said let there be ____, and there I was.” Fill in the blank as if you were talking about yourself. Angst, haha.

4058. What do you think of when you hear the word “mill”? Original answer: “It’s the name of a cook.” Maybe, but AIYA. My answer: “Windmills!”

4059. What do you think of when you hear the name:

Weird Al? Hilarious parodies!

Bob Dylan? Original answer: “Guy who his last name could be his first name too.” Aiya. My answer: “One of the greatest influences on rock music ever!”

Michael Jackson? Someone who abuses kids, most probably!

Henry Rollins? Black Flag.

Billy Idol? Original answer: “A guy named Billy with last name Idol.” …. *thunk* My answer: White Wedding and Rebel Yell, dude!

Gary Numan? Original answer: “Who?” Aiya. My answer: “Cars! Hey, he’s 13 days older than Gary Oldman, hahaha!”

Will Smith? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Paul McCartney? Original answer: “Who?” Aiya. My answer: “Another great influence on music!”

Alice Cooper? Original answer: “Who?” Aiya. See above… METAL! 😀

J. Lo? Original answer: “Hey, isn’t she the big butt chick?” Hahahaha. My answer: “She used to go out with P. Diddy, hahahaha. Bad move!”

4060. What is one social disaster you have had? When I tripped and fell in front of a lot of people.

4061. Can you moonwalk? No.

4062. If a presidential candidate went on late night TV, picked up a guitar and rocked out on it and could really play, would that influence you to like / respect them more? Maybe.

4063. Have you ever seen fish poop? No… o_O

4064. If it was possible for people to instantly change from one sex to another, would everyone be straight in the end? Probably not.

Would you change your sex? Not unless I’m thinking irrationally. (read: “once a month or so!”)

4065. Finish the sentence: nobody broke your heart… If you don’t have emotions to start with!

4066. Would you rather have a best friend OR a boyfriend / girlfriend on a Friday night? Depends on how close I am to the boyfriend / girlfriend.

4067. Would a woman rather be complimented about her intelligence OR her looks? Intelligence, but deep down… looks.

4068. Do you tend to think of the right thing to say after the moment is gone? All the time!

4069. Would you rather a potential mate have nice hair OR nice legs? Hair.

4070. Okay… nice hair OR a nice rack / bulge? Hair.

4071. What is one thing you thought you would enjoy, but actually didn’t? Going out with my parents on that mini-cruise thing for my birthday a while back.

4072. Be in the spotlight OR in the shadows? Shadows.

4073. What is your favorite part of the newspaper? Comics, sports.

4074. What in your life has been an “acquired taste” for you? Can’t think of one right now.

4075. Do you find sunlight makes you happier? Depends.

4076. If you could conquer one fear, it would be…? The fear of anger from certain people directed at me.

4077. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen someone do or heard anyone has done? Anything in the Darwin Awards.

4078. How do you feel about the fact that J-Lo earns 37 million dollars a year? Gimme some of that money!

Do you buy anything that contributes to her salary? I don’t think so!

Is J-Lo the ultimate ideal of what a woman should be? No.

4079. What is unforgettable beauty? No clue… nature’s beauty.

4080. Worst fashion mistake EVER: Clashing green and orange.

4081. What is your advice to someone on their first date? Be yourself.

4082. Is there a musical performer more ridiculous than Avril Lavigne (I don’t think there is)? Oh, lots… like Hilary Duff.

4083. What is the best:

daytime talk show? Original answer: “No.” Idiot. My answer: No clue.
late night talk show? Original answer: “Yeah!” Idiot… she’s not asking you to choose whether you’d prefer a daytime or late night talk show! My answer: No clue.

4084. Are you afraid of total freedom? Not really.

4085. Do you live in an invisible prison? No.

4086. Who do you feel distant from, that you used to be close to? Sarah.

4087. Rate the following song lyrics (1 = you like it the most, 9 = you like it the least).

Maybe you shouldn’t care / throw away those dreams / and dare 4

Eden lets me in / I find the seeds of love / And climb upon the high wire / I kiss and tell all my fears 1

I know the pressure is on / In a race for the life of endless love / If it seems to much / Remember / All these things are endless 7

I see the wind, oh I see the trees / Everything is clear in my heart / I see the clouds, oh I see the sky / Everything is clear in our world 3

Inflatable doll / Lover ungrateful / I blew up your body / But you blew my mind 2

Well I jumped into the river / too many times to make it home / I’m out here on my own / drifting all alone / and if it doesn’t show / give it time / to read between the lines 6

The very thought of you makes / My heart sing / Like an April breeze / On the wings of spring / And you appear in all your splendor / My one and only love 9

Now I’ve had lots of girls / most of them from other worlds / but lookin’ through the galaxy / the valley girls are the ones for me 8

I’m the dandy highwayman so sick of easy fashion / the clumsy boots, peek-a-boo roots that people think so dashing / so what’s the point of robbery when nothing is worth taking? / it’s kind of tough to tell a scruff the big mistake he’s making 5

4088. Can you name any of the nine bands / songs above? No, and I don’t have time to Google ’em either.

4089. What would your reaction be if a total stranger called to say (s)he loved you and told you that you were to pass the message on to others in a telephone call you make yourself? “What the heck….”

4090. Would you like to take a journey to Jupiter? No, thanks.

4091. Can you crack nuts in your bare hands? Not really.

4092. Do you take walks at night? Not usually.

4093. Beavis and Butthead or Daria? Beavis and Butthead!

4094. Cow or chicken? Chicken.

4095. Do you think you will visit China in this life? No, but I’d like to.

4096. Are you having a happy day? I was, until about an hour ago.

4097. When was or will be your “golden birthday” (when your age is the same as your birthdate, like turning 17 on the 17th)? It was when I was 17.

4098. Enlighten everyone with something profound: The still waters run deep.

4099. When has the third time been the charm for you? Never.

4100. What is kinda sick, but fun? Juvenile humor!

Survey about what I have!

Mark the ones you have:


[x] A mother
[x] A father
[x] A younger brother
[x] A younger sister
[] An older brother
[] Stepsibilngs
[] An older sister
[] Grandfather
[x] Grandmother
[x] Cousins
[] Half-brother or sister


[x] Friend(s) who love you
[x] Trustworthy friends
[x] Honest friends
[x] Backstabbing friends

At home:

[] A house
[x] Your own room
[] A front lawn
[] A backyard
[] A trampoline
[] A pool
[] A hot tub
[] pond in your yard

In Your Room:

[x] More than 3 sources of light
[x] Painted walls
[x] Window(s)
[x] A computer
[] A full / queen / king-sized bed
[] A twin bed
[x] An alarm clock
[x] posters on the wall


[] A cell phone
[] A hair straightener
[] Curling iron
[] Sunglasses
[] Make-up
[] Perfume / Cologne
[] Nail polish
[] Flip-flops
[x] Necklaces / earrings / bracelets
[x] More than 4 pairs of shoes
[] An ipod / MP3 Player
[] A digital camera / webcam
[x] Myspace/ Livejournal / Xanga / Blog
[] Something from Abercrombie & Fitch
[] Something from Hollister.
[] Something from Pac Sun
[] Something from Hot Topic
[x] More than $50 in your purse / wallet
[x] A gift card
[] A trophy or award
[] Snowboard
[] Rollerblades
[] Skateboard
[] A pet
[] more than one pet
[] More than four pets
[x] Pop in your refrigerator
[x] Snacks in your house
[] Video games
[] X-Box live
[] An X-Box
[] A PS2
[] A PSP
[] An original PS
[] A Gamecube
[x] “old school” Nintendo
[] More than 5 games for X-Box
[] More than 5 games for PS2
[] More than 5 games for PSP
[] More than 5 games for Gamecube
[] A DVD player
[] More than 5 movies on DVD

At school:

[] Your own locker
[] A working locker
[] A locker near your friend’s locker
[] Easy classes
[x] a backpack
[] A notebook for every class
[] A book for every class
[x] Pens / Pencils
[x] A calculator
[] A graphing calculator
[] A ruler


[] a car
[] a boat
[] job
[] A bike
[] A basketball hoop
[] soccer net
[x] A store within walking distance
[] More than 4 acres of property


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