Yurting, young authors, and yayness!

After we watched some Friends episodes on TV, I left Billie’s in plenty of time to catch the bus going to Coquitlam Centre. While wandering aimlessly at the bus loop there (trying to find a 97 B-Line), I found a #169 bus going to Braid Skytrain station. Since I needed to hop a bus that went to a Skytrain station, I took that route and found myself with LOTS of time to spare once I got to Broadway / Commercial. (90 minutes?!)

Silvester saw me at the bus stop some time later, and asked why I wasn’t with my brother or sister. I told him that I’d had other plans today, so it was best that we were all separated. We bused to church together and found out that Jon had more free tickets to a Lions football game. As someone said later, he shouldn’t have skipped Fellowship for a football game!

Steph thought that maybe I could call Jon tomorrow to see what was up: I haven’t had any communication with him this week save for the email about the Durian Palace. (which he found intimidating last year because of the sheer amount of stuff on the site… now that he’s tried durian, he might go back to it :P) We’ll see if he’s going to the fireworks, since he has to be somewhere by 9 and has GCBC practice later at night. For some reason, I really want things to do tomorrow… don’t ask me why I have “itchy butt” syndrome. (can’t sit still, haha) 😛

I also talked to Vivian, Erin, Steph, Eric, Nathan, Randal, Andy, Jason, Janette, Dawn, Cindy, Chalaine, and others later on after Fellowship. Steph and Erin are going on a yurting / sand dunes road trip to Oregon with Vivian S. and Rachel: it’s cheap and fun! Jason, Janette, and Chalaine wondered about my Bathroom Reader… hey, you don’t JUST have to be in the can to read it! 😉 We teased Chalaine about her huge 7-11 Slurpee: she said that they didn’t have any smaller sizes. Riiiight. 😛 (she also kinda misses her sister Sheena who’s in Mexico now, but it’ll be a nine-day break all the same)

I told Vivian that I’d read her Xanga blog last night, and she told me to blame the teens (like Isabel and Vivian Lam) for getting her started. From what I read, that seemed to be the case all right! I showed some people the books that Billie wrote, and we marveled at people who were WAY younger than us (15) already having published books and such. Nathan’s been keeping busy, which is good. We were going to eat at Oscar’s later, but decided to go home from church instead.

Now, I’m just talking to Erik and Corey about stuff: it’s been forever since I’ve seen Erik online, so it’s good catching up with him! Yay! 😀 (never mind the confusing conversation I’m having elsewhere with Palmer :P)

I asked Corey about bubble tea shops in Denver for Charlotte. He doesn’t know whether there are any in Denver: then again, he says that she could live in a lot of places. 😛 (she went on bobafind.com and found places in / around Denver)

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