Happy Canada Day!


2. Thank goodness Eunice is going to the BBQ tomorrow! I’ll see Eric when he gets back from Victoria, anyhow!

3. I’ve decided I don’t like certain people right now.

4. Chris Sykes is STUPID. No other words for it. I don’t expect comments like “Stop throwing those glaciers at me!” when I freeze his comment chains. Such a horrible attempt to be funny. I mean, really… “Freeze” in this case means, “STOP REPLYING. IDIOT!” not “Oh, look! A cute little penguin! Teehee!” Duuuuhhhh’oooohhhh.

It was funnier than his attempted teasing of me a couple of weeks ago, but not by much.

Since when is “When are you up?” a tease about having kids, before marriage or not? Sounds like he’s asking me about certain male things, ha. =/ It doesn’t sound like anything dealing with kids or marriage. That dude confuses me more and more every day….

I was JUST thinking earlier how nice it was to not have Chris show up in my journal. Richard and Charlotte know exactly what I mean. šŸ˜‰

Then I fire up my email just now to find three post replies, and two comment replies. Here I thought he’d maybe given it up. *sigh*

At least he doesn’t try talking to me anymore. Whether that’s because I simply haven’t answered him in a “timely fashion” the last few times he did attempt talking, I really can’t say. Maybe he thinks I’ve blocked him! That would be nice, in a way. Or maybe it’s my signing in as “away,” even though I’m clearly at the computer. Ah well, I’m not going to overanalyze small blessings. šŸ˜€

(now watch the universe get me: he’ll bug me as soon as I submit this post :P)

This is a very stupid reply to a band meme post:

What is the top part supposed to be?

MSN and Yahoo’s messengers alert you to e-mails.

Dude, it’s pretty bloody obvious what the top part is supposed to be. *rolleyes*

Does he honestly think I don’t KNOW that MSN and YM alert you to emails? He’s suffering from a distinct lack of comprehending things in context. Yes, they alert you to emails even when you’re not at the computer. But if you’re not at the computer, you’re outta luck when it comes to responding to semi-urgent emails. Sigh…. that much SHOULD be obvious, but isn’t to him for some strange reason. šŸ˜›

Sure, I could unfriend him… but then this drama bomb would be the result:

These last two were made by Charlotte:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The brown thing is a tumbleweed, haha.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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