Seeing my grandparents in photos / cabs and plans

Went around town with my dad and my aunt Janis just now.

* decided on White Spot for a late lunch
* Richmond Centre was all right… the Bay and Sears, mostly.
* explored the dike a little bit
* had Daimaru Sushi for dinner… excellent stuff!

She’d brought some pictures; in true Engrish fashion, the photo album was titled “Attractive Figure” and had a picture of a bee on the cover. Her mother (my grandma) is apparently deteriorating at the age of 86. That much is evident in the pictures I saw.. she looked all right in the 2003 photos, but not in the ones taken just this past Chinese New Year! There were various other relatives in the pictures: some cousins, uncles, my aunt’s granddaughter, and aunts… there was even a 1997 picture with my paternal grandparents alone. That was very neat!

Now I don’t have to call a cab for my aunt, or need to see her off at the airport. That’s a relief, since I can presumably get more sleep and be more alert on Tuesday night. I made more plans earlier, which I was rather nervous about. All that matters is that they’re doable. 😀

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