Conversational exchange / modified quote from Eric H. / committing suicide

Me: So do you like this music, Auntie Janis?
Her: No, it’s too noisy. It’s yelling, and screaming. Music brings you to nowhere! It’s empty!
Me: All right.
Her: Besides, it brings you to somewhere… a destination! The music’s substance can’t bring you any encouragement! It’s not worshipful!
Me: o_O
Her: So do you have any Christian worship music?
Me: This IS Christian music!
Her: So is there a point to it?
Me: *bangs head on desk*

(considering this is the ApologetiX, that’s very amusing!)

This applies to my online friends: “They are so FAR… but in my heart, they are always so so close by!” (modified quote from Eric H.)

My aunt Janis just told me of the newest way to commit suicide in Hong Kong. You know the charcoal that’s used for barbecues? People shut all the windows and doors, burn the charcoal, and let the carbon monoxide take them away….

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