Lucky 13 Songs Meme

From Tim: I might as well do this one now.. I’ll forget in a week! 😛

Bring up a playlist on your computer and hit shuffle. Write down the first 13 words you hear in each song and only the first 13 words, even if the phrase is not complete. If the song has no words, just skip to the next song. Have your friends try to guess what the songs are.

Playlist = Corey’s DVD. (so must do it before Janis is here)

1. Into the valley we go to bliss the witch, she sucking ultimate power
2. I always thought we’d be together and that our love could not be
3. Idle hands may be the devil’s work Unbridled minds you see are so
4. Turn the page and it’s the scoop of the century Don’t wanna be
5. Little Flopsy flaps around. He flaps on up and flaps on down. He’s
6. Death Pod comes from the sky – it does Through the space, through the
7. Frozen it time. We watched as you grew. Now the ice is gone. And
8. You can destroy an army You can kill a man But you can’t
9. X-Copy patrol your streets tonight and we will judge what’s wrong and right
10. Come on back to the House of Shame. Blood’s burning to play my
11. Submit and reveal what you hide and conceal. Open up and enable, put
12. Welcome to New Jersey It’s late at night and you’re far from home
13. Who will survive and what will be left of them? Apocalyptic dreams see

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