April Fools Jokes / Corey’s LOTR-named people

Why is it that I always think of April Fools jokes LATE?! Changing my MSN name to “I’m in love with my underage Internet boyfriend” might have worked. Then again, I would have had to remember to set up a great auto-response like: “Zing! April Fools! I don’t have an Internet boyfriend, underage or not!”

Corey knows people whose parents named them after LORD OF THE RINGS characters… he’s talking about his ex Rachael’s siblings here:

“Her real name is Celebrian.. which is a female version of Celeborn, who is the elf “king” guy (with Galadriel). Her other sister is Arwyn.. Arwen spelled differently… and the youngest sister is Lorian.. as in the Lochlorian, where the elves live. 😛 Their first kid is named Erick, but that’s just because it was as close to Aragorn as her mom would allow at the time, but it seems she gave in to the LORD OF THE RINGS names after that. 😛 Rachael is the only non-LORD OF THE RINGS named kid. 😛 Unless you count her brother, who isn’t either, but her dad intended to name him Aragorn. 😛 Celebrian shortens to Cele.. pronounced like Kelly. 😛 So that’s what she normally goes by… the youngest one just goes by Lori. The oldest daughter has to be Arwyn though, since that doesn’t really shorten to anything. 😛 “


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