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Chris W. and I are having fun, even though he’s too young for me. πŸ˜€

On another note, here’s an interesting site.

For some reason, Corey and I got to talking about certain things. Enough said. πŸ˜›

You know that school shooting in Minnesota? The kid had an LJ.

Note: LJ No-Hassle Day Planner for the Clinically Insane Memegen by MilesToGo13.

Fe… Iron
You scored 18 Mass, 41 Electronegativity, 59 Metal, and 0 Radioactivity!
I don’t really need to describe you, do I? You’re the backbone of any well put-together group… communally-minded / outgoing / social, but you don’t demand to be the center of attention. Without groups of people like you, human society would crumble. I mean that… don’t change. With respect to relationships, I don’t know what to tell ya. I guess I’d recommend a first row transition metal… or if you don’t mind being submissive, then go for an oxygen… everyone else will wonder how you ended up with one of those drama queens, but you’ll probably secretly love it and he / she will bring out colors of you that you didn’t know existed.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 5% on Mass
You scored higher than 79% on Electroneg
You scored higher than 63% on Metal
You scored higher than 1% on Radioactivity

Link: The Which Chemical Element Am I Test written by effataigus on Ok Cupid

Friends! They’ve been there for you for years. You know them like the palm of your hand. You are clearly attracted to a friend. You like someone you can feel comfortable with, someone who will listen and always be there. You have a lot of common interests. Though you have your disagreements and bicker like an old married couple, you love how they are always around when you are having trouble with the other love interests in your life or school is getting you down. Somehow in the end, it always comes back to them no matter who you’re dating…

You like them because of their:

Career: They’re not sure what they want to do. It’s either something that involves helping other people, or something creative.
Clothes: They probably dress similar to how YOU dress.
Physical features: You’ve seen them grow from goofy and clumsy to drop dead gorgeous.
Traits: Funny, creative, trustworthy, loyal.

Relationship: The main problem is “getting to the point of relationship.” Like a frustrating soap opera, your relationship will be full of annoying twists and turns that will prevent you from dating. Once you do actually “date,” things could go either way. Some people are afraid of risking their friendship if they date. That’s a risk anyone’s going to have to take in this situation. However, in the end, it could be worth it.

The good: You’re friends, to start with. Someone once said “best friends make the best wives / husbands.” The good thing about being attracted to friends is that you know them well. You already know what to expect of them, and you have someone who has always been there for you. You know and tolerate their flaws, which is definitely a good thing in any relationship. Your parents know each other, your friends know you both, and you won’t find any surprises if you date. If you both feel the same way and have the real patience, things could be looking up. πŸ™‚ Many great couples start off as buddies.

The bad: One problem with liking friends or dating friends, is the fact that you are friends is always going to be there no matter what happens. Even when you are dating, your boyfriend / girlfriend might treat you like a friend sometimes, instead of a girlfriend or boyfriend. Sometimes friends have to watch their love interest as they date other people, refer to you as a “brother” or “sister” (ouch), and deny their feelings because they might be afraid that love could ruin your friendship. Sometimes the feelings aren’t mutual, and that can be devastating. Just remember: Patience is key here. If it’s meant to happen, it will happen.

You: You have some similarities to your friend. You have somewhat of a creative edge, and you are very caring and hopeful. Sometimes you can be kind of dreamy or spacey, but you are also smart when you apply yourself. You can be kind of dramatic at times, but what would anyone expect? Your life is a living soap opera! You prefer: Friends. Could like: Angels, Goofs. Stay away from: Parents.

What is Your Significant Other like and What Type of Person are You Attracted To? (The good, the bad, and more! 12 DETAILED unisex answers with media pics! For guys and girls!)
brought to you by Quizilla

F Fantastic
L Little
A Appealing
M Mesmerizing
I Insane

Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

You scored as Doug.





Legends of the Hidden Temple


Rocko’s Modern Life


Clarissa Explains It All




Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Double Dare


The Adventures of Pete and Pete


The Secret World of Alex Mack


Ren & Stimpy


Which Old School Nickelodeon Show Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com

Take the quiz: “What dragon species are you? (Stunning pics)”

Shadow Dragon
Dark and evil, you are the evil breed of dragon. You lurk within the shadows of the night and attack with surprise. You prefer to stay alone: solitude is your best friend within your deep, dark cave or den.

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