2004 Recap, various quizzes, strange thirstiness, cold showers as a shock

This is the last post for 2004.. the year was made easier by all my true friends! 😀

2004 RECAP


* Had my last communication with an ex-friend.
* Saw Steph and Melissa off at the airport.
* Got my last email from Arthur. (I miss that guy SO much!)
* Saw LOTR:ROTK with Jon, Nathan, and Eric H.
* Started my LJ, which isn’t a secret anymore.
* Had my last Fellowship Committee meeting, ever.
* Had that disastrous meeting on 11 January, which resulted in Pastor Glen’s resignation.
* Had “yer” compared to Ebola, broken noses, attention to detail, beans, life, graveyards, spooky songs, and paradise by a certain someone.
* Had my last massage therapy appointment.


* Had a rather expensive meal at Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and Dave thought we should have been eating panda meat for the price we paid.
* Scored the Beatles Anthology book for only $20 at the Bay.
* Had a fun Girls’ Night Out at Sophia’s.
* Went for the second Memphis Blues Singles Night Out with Dave, Jen, Dawn, Jon, and Nathan.. good times had by all, especially at Capers!
* Left a simple comment on Steve’s LJ, and didn’t think much of it at the time.
* Figured out how to host my own pics on Photobucket.
* Went to Eunice’s grandma’s funeral.
* Had my first phone call from Candy.
* Had monitor problems again.
* Finished the LOTR book trilogy.


* Got a new monitor.
* THE Todd Bertuzzi-Steve Moore hockey sucker-punch incident.
* Found my lost glasses in my closet, for some weird reason.
* Saw The Passion of the Christ with Nate, Eric H., and Des.
* Had dinner at the Mongolie Grill with Bob, Julie, Laura, and Ann.
* Took Andrew’s offer of a paid subscription at the SDMB.
* My parents moved into their townhouse, and were disappointed when I didn’t help.


* My dad got into a car accident.. what’s with this family and MVA’s?
* Had Fimo night at Helen’s.. the first batch came out burned!
* Went to Jon’s CRU coffeehouse with Eric H. and had a good time.
* Had a settlement of $1000 from ICBC, most of which promptly got earmarked by my parents for the trip.
* Finally got Candy’s package of CD’s and stuff!
* Finally saw Eric M. in town over Easter weekend.. yay!
* Saw Violet and Nadia Moutal at the mall.
* Spent time with Uncle Michael and my cousins.
* Went to Jon and Christine Magee’s recital, then finally ate with the Durian Dude.
* Hockey season was over for the Canucks.
* Benefitted from Nathan’s spiritual gift of chauffeuring when my sibs left me stranded at the church.


* Went to the airport to pick my sister (Toronto) and brother (Ireland) up on different days.
* Had a phone call from Chris in Virginia.
* Had Eric H. burn me some ApologetiX CDs.
* Saw the Terracotta Warriors with my family, and got Sitting Pretty: The Uninhibited History of the Toilet as an Ireland gift from my brother.
* Saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Nathan, Dave, Tally, Alan, Brian, Jon’s friend Jessica, Sean, and Jen. Went to Raku to eat afterwards.. it’s one of those authentic noisy screaming Japanese places. We loved the whole atmosphere, even the slightly out-of-place Beatles music that they played! (Jon joked that he should have brought his Boredoms CD for them to play)
* Read about the pitch that killed, and finally checked out Dave’s blog.
* Went to Jon’s convocation, and then we hung out with Nathan and Eric M. afterwards. (took over an hour at Blockbuster to choose Waiting for Guffman and Dr. Strangelove)


* Saw Corey on webcam soon after he got home from a GWAR concert… those things are BLOODY!
* Got a GJ, primarily to keep up with Stephen.
* Got my LJ mindmap.
* Tampa Bay won the Stanley Cup.. AIYA!
* Met my sister’s friend Terrence, and spent a lot of time with him.
* Spent a LOT of time at the townhouse since my parents were away on a cruise.
* Played a LOT of online games.
* Andy thought I was a “Corona Girl,” hahaha! (I didn’t mind)
* Had the Awana awards ceremony, then went to Citrus’ for a movie night with a bunch of people.. we saw Mystic River and This Is Spinal Tap.
* Had dinner with Linda, Steph, Cindy, and Dawn… one of the most memorable parts was my dad blocking the bus as it was going to pull out of the Nanaimo Skytrain Station. (Dawn HAD to get on that bus to go home, because we didn’t want her waiting for a long time to get on the next one!)


* Corey emailed me a bunch of ghost stories, which I appreciated.
* Daniel and Michelle’s wedding.. it was terrific!
* Had the annual Awana BBQ.. Jeffita, Ichabod, and Beatrice would not be good names for Jeff and Anita’s future kids! (as suggested by Sarah, Emily, Julie, and the rest of the teen girls)
* A certain someone called me for the first time, and it was lovely.
* Had computer problems, again.
* Tried organic microbrewed green tea root beer.
* Re-learned that I should LOOK at expiry dates first before buying things.
* Church Grad Banquet 2004… Sean’s roast was hilarious, and Nathan did a good Strong Bad impression!
* Farewell BBQ for Fidela, who went to Wheaton College for school not long afterwards.
* Went to Original Joe’s to celebrate my best friend Yazmine’s birthday.
* Sarah and Vernon’s wedding.. kinda tense, but it was cool nonetheless.


* Began to doubt my phone lines, which I shouldn’t have done in the first place.
* Thought I was a perfidious blackguard.
* Bled from my forehead while at Nathan’s, but felt peaceful.. weird.
* Spent lots of time with Eric M. (that was GOOD!)
* Went to Jon and Dave’s co-farewell dinner at the Afghan Flying Horseman, then borrowed Nathan’s Classical Chinese Literature book. (which I still have because I’ve not finished it!)
* Went to Dave’s farewell dinner at Steamworks, and got offered crank / weed / hash when I mistakenly wandered into the Downtown Eastside. (picked up a book from Virgin Megastore, too)
* Decided not to post as much in LJ temporarily because of commentage issues.
* Started the epic family vacation and Chinese bus tour to Ontario / New Brunswick / Nova Scotia / Newfoundland / P.E.I. (it was very interesting in that I learned a bunch of new things)


* Spent time with my distant relatives.. I keep thinking I should email Wilson / add him to my MSN, but not for the reason my mother hopes! (“you should encourage him to go out with you!”)
* Went to my sister’s Fellowship, and had a reasonably good time.
* My parents put the kibosh on my meeting Candy when I was in the area.
* Saw the Ripley’s Museum at Niagara Falls.. we could spend a very expensive week there!
* Finally went home after 18 days… I *needed* the phone contact with Yazmine and someone else afterwards, since it reminded me of the comforts of home / helped me regain some lost sanity!
* First day of the Awana Club year.
* My old 486 computer finally decided to give up the ghost, temperamental beast that it was.
* Did nothing really for my birthday this year, except hang out with Yazmine at the mall.
* Went to Netaholics Café for my Internet fix.. Eric M. thought I was insane to pay for it!
* Vernon finally came through on his 16-month-old offer to fix the P2 computer… only I think he built me a new one, since those innards wouldn’t fly with today’s technology!
* I returned to my LJ comment fiend ways… woohoo!
* Spent time with my grandma.. it had been months since I’d done that for the day.


* Had Brother Appreciation Night as a Fellowship program… mmm, chocolate fondue.
* Got sick, and needed some Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa cough medicine.
* Figured out Trillian, since I could use it for once.
* Eric H. messaged me once, thinking I was Eric M. (hahahaha!)
* Remember that comment I left on Steve’s LJ back in February? He made a comment on my public friends-only LJ entry, and I was definitely surprised! Now he’s a friend of mine!
* Rediscovered the joys of the Crime Library.
* Dictionary Day happened on 16 October… I did nothing to mark the day, unless you count going to the 2004 Awana Leadership Conference. (Spoz didn’t need to block em, as he’d made a mental note of doing!)
* Nathan paid me, Jen, Dawn, and Danielle a compliment I’ll always remember: “You ladies are a beauty in this dark world!” (he’s a very sweet friend of mine!)
* Played more online games.
* Got a free book on rankism in the mail.
* Got a major soup bowl discount, and a zloty in my change.
* Had a fun Girls’ Night Out at my place.
* Had the fire alarm go off in my apartment building
* Eric M. linked me to the Homestar Runner Halloween 2004 special.
* Discovered that the new Pho restaurant next door to the church had little in the way of ambience: smelly incense and repetitive 30-second loops of music?!


* Corey and I discussed the 2004 election results a LOT.
* Began to crave beef stroganoff.
* Decided to send Christmas cards and stuff to whoever wanted it.
* Discovered that talking to Shannon made me lose brain cells.
* Finally got a power bar for my computer, on Eric M.’s recommendation.
* Got another free book in the mail, The Road to Reality.
* Learned that Hunter was going to Hong Kong / Japan to work and be with his girlfriend Yukiko. I was just starting to get to know him, too!
* Got an Audioscrobbler account, and quickly learned that it never works.
* Corey joined my LJ friends, hahaha!
* Dispelled people’s notions that Eric M. and I were going out, on two separate occasions. (yes, he drives me to lots of places.. but we are NOT going out!)
* Learned about that 16-year-old girl who had her mom set on fire.


* Had that HILARIOUS poop chat with a bunch of people!
* Spent WAY TOO MUCH money at the mall and Shoppers Drug Mart on gifts and such for myself and other people.
* Corey promised me a prank call CD and a music DVD in the mail.. it hasn’t arrived yet, unfortunately. (but at least I believe HIM when he’s said that he mailed it last week!)
* Learned that “perfervid” was a word.. new words are cool.
* Got plenty of goodies in the mail, thanks to the LJ community Holiday_Wishes.
* Had the ESC Christmas Celebration, and saw Dave back in town.. singing carols by candlelight was a new experience.
* Saw my brother back in town.. Jon, Nate, both Erics, and I went to the Rose Garden Café for bubble tea later… Cana Booze Night at the Broadway Church, anyone?
* Bonded over ROTK:EE with a bunch of people, and slipped on Nathan’s floor.. that resulted in a sore back for a few days afterwards! (but things are fine now, thank goodness)
* Saw my sister on Christmas Day, who told me that our brother had been admitted to hospital at 4 AM with massive stomach pains resulting from a family dinner at Benedict’s.
* Spent most of my Christmas Day at church taking care of the kids, and in hospital seeing my brother. (watched Fromage 2004, which the other people in the hospital lounge thought was no good!)
* My brother got discharged on Boxing Day afternoon with a diagnosis of gastroenteritis.. he’s okay now, even if he did have to take blood tests.
* Had hot pot at Joshua and Caleb’s.. very good and unexpected!
* Got a new microwave from my mom… whee!
* Went to Vernon’s old house for dinner, and slipped on the floor AGAIN, this time in front of a whole bunch of people. Spent time with my brother’s friends afterwards.
* Fell sick again, because of my sister.


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In the year 2005, I resolve to:
Watch more TV.

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I’ve been oddly thirsty tonight for some reason, even though I’ve been drinking regularly. No, I don’t think I have diabetes… maybe I just need more liquid consumption? Corey told me some time ago to take a cold shower, since it acts like a shock to the system. I think I’ll go do that and THEN drink a crapload of water or juice, actually. Bye for now.. I’m sure I’ll be around later!


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