No movie for me! / Poopy Quiz

My sister and I slept almost all day, to our parents’ horror when they got home at 2:15 from the doctor’s and a dim sum lunch. They then decided to tell us that it was 3… I swear, I will never understand why parents do that! After they made us eat something, we were out again to the doctor’s and then to Dave’s for dinner. Dave and Jon had been at Krispy Kreme with Vivian and Karen earlier, and were there when we arrived. His mom provided a lot of stuff for us to eat: pork tongues, ribs, broccoli, bok choy, giant prawns, chicken and celery, shiitake mushrooms, lemon tarts, Almond Roca, etc.

I started getting chills and a cough again when I was over there… my siblings think it’s due to the massive change in temperature from my “too-warm” apartment to any other normal house. My opinion is that I got it from my sister, since she’s sick too. Jon went to Nathan’s later to see House of Flying Daggers with Jeremy, but I thought I shouldn’t go since I was getting sick. (and I might have slipped on his floor AGAIN.. that would SO not have been a good thing!)

I finally got home at around 10:30 with my big parcel… it was indeed three boxes of oyster crackers from Angela! Corey tried to convince me to eat one of them, but I am still way too full from the food I ate at Dave’s place! He says I’ll need a good ranch oyster cracker recipe, stat. Haha, that might indeed be the case! As it is, I’m glad to be home… even if I don’t have the cable / wireless Internet connection that they do. 😉 I’ve figured out why I keep popping on and off MSN here at home, too: the Windows Messenger on my dad’s computer keeps going in and out (signed in as me) because the wireless connection does the same thing. Even if I exit out of the program altogether, Windows Messenger will restart when the network reconnects. I will have to tell Eric M. about that soon since he was wondering, and thank him for the Christmas card that he gave me. Just told Eric H. about it since he asked about my MSN trouble.. any responses I give to his ICQ messages are showing up as his auto-responses again! 😛

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