Knocking at window, new microwave, oyster crackers

About an hour ago, I heard knocking at the window… I wondered what the heck was going on out there, so I pulled the curtains back to reveal my brother. Jon said that the family had been trying to call me all afternoon, but my kung-fu was strong. (read: my phone connection withstood any and all attempts to broach it) He also said that they had a new microwave to give me… so I do finally have one that will work. My at-home cuisine horizons will be broadened by this, as my old one was WAY too ancient to work properly. 😛

After he’d plugged the new microwave in, and borrowed my Bon Jovi / Nick Cave CDs, we were outta there to go to the post office to pick up my package. From the size of it, it looks like the oyster crackers that Angela promised me a while ago in an LJ community. I haven’t opened it yet because my family has kidnapped me, and I’m over here for at least a couple of days since we have more family dinners. 😛

That’s it for now… we’re going to Pastor Fulton’s house in an hour or so for another family dinner with lots of good food!

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