Polite emails from the ex

when I got back here, I sent the ex a polite email..
basically thanked him for the card, wished him happiness..
(at least, I *think* that I do.. can’t quite tell, but whatever..)
and all I could say was that it was delivered in the past week..
definitely wasn’t expecting a reply, but got one anyhow:
“there’s no reason why you should tell me more 🙂 ”
I could think up devilish replies to that one, but I let it alone..
“just thought I’d let you know when I got it, is all..” I said..

I got yet another reply later on: he was being serious..
there was no need to tell him even that much..
hopes I’ll soon return full-time to a place that’s wholly mine..
I’m not sure what to feel anymore, but I’ll believe he means it..
because I seriously wish that for myself, as well.. next week?
if he’s really serious about my not needing to tell him anymore..
the scenario next time will be “thanks” without elaboration..
how do you think he’d like THEM apples, aye?! 😛

also got an ICQ buzz from Becky: was I there in the basement?
yes, I was.. but at 2:35 AM, I had just gone to bed..
very quirky stuff, but it was pretty unexpected.. hahaha 🙂

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