Staying in and avoiding the sinkhole!

I’m staying in for the third Friday night in a row..
Eric’s feeling better, but thinks he should rest more..
(I tend to agree with him, as more rest is certainly good)
besides, it’s a sinkhole out there as everything’s flooded..
Jon could pick me up later, but I don’t really want to bus it..
it’s better to stay in and rest up myself, actually 😉

last night, Corey told me to dream of naked ladies and aliens..
I told him that such dream images weren’t normal for me..
(for all I know, he routinely dreams of such things :P)
since I said I’d let him know what I did dream about:
at least 100 kids running amok all over the church basement..
there were the families and other people around, as well..
recognized Hannah and Priscilla, as well as their mom Wai-Mui..
(no, this was NOT an Awana nightmare of any sort :P)
everyone piling into huge SUV’s to go somewhere..
plus a whole bunch of junk that also somehow managed to fit..
my mom wearing a crucifix that featured an off-centre Jesus..
the crucifix was also crucial to some presentation of hers..

that’s all I remember.. no naked ladies or aliens there 😛
like I said the last time this happened:
you’ve got to try harder to influence me, dude! 😉

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