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An extra hour’s sleep…

October 26, 2003

an extra hour’s sleep is good.. probably didn’t do quite enough.. but it certainly made me feel more refreshed.. it’s a good thing Jon’s going today.. I definitely need the foil of his presence.. the church AGM is today, as well.. hopefully, things will go smoothly and end early 😉 now, to time with friends […]

Cindy’s car was broken into!?

October 26, 2003

I let Jon check his email a while ago.. he got a not-so-good one from Norman.. Cindy Y.’s car was broken into yesterday.. apparently, everything was stolen.. she’s worried about identity theft and such, too.. we haven’t seen her in such a long time.. hopefully, things will work out for the good here.. maybe we […]

Steve and LJ Anonymous

October 25, 2003

now I know what Steve meant about LJ Anonymous.. I shouldn’t really have asked for people’s thoughts on me.. they just want to disguise constructive criticism as hatred.. of course there are things that I need to work on.. but honestly, the way some people snipe.. you’d think I had no redeeming qualities! besides, it […]

Sharing personal stuff

October 25, 2003

I shared very personal stuff with my group.. had a great discussion about church dating.. relationships, temptation, focus / distractions.. inter- / intra-church dating, guys and fashion.. fresh faces / new blood, guys looking at girls.. guys seeing girls as sisters and not interesting.. girls should indicate interest without mixed signals.. a marriage without dating, […]

Things I can do without!

October 24, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ETHAN.. I hope you have a fun one today! 🙂 I think you’re cute, and it’s good that you can talk now. Some Things I Can Do Without: 1. people telling me how I should feel 2. simple misunderstandings that blow up 3. repeating myself endlessly 4. people bugging me over my disability […]

Pink flambé jacket!

October 23, 2003

it’s officially fall for me now, regardless of the calendar.. my brother referred to my “pink flambé jacket”.. he said it drew attention to and announced my presence.. says it every year, and I suppose that’s very true.. you won’t lose ME in a crowd if I’m wearing it 😉 (even if I am short, […]

DRAGON QUEST VI Enemy List, #1-241

October 23, 2003

LJ equivalent on Dec. 2, 2012. This is a complete enemy list for DRAGON QUEST VI. This walkthrough (CORY!) helped when I was playing the game, this walkthrough by IKON helped to find hidden items, and this enemy list helped as well. Codes page, and another one. Detailed directions to Castle Grace and the Armor […]

Bodily betrayal

October 23, 2003

don’t you hate it when your body betrays you? I was two minutes from home when it hit.. luckily, I was right by the Health Sciences Centre.. still, the strafe bomb effects were so very YUCKY.. I’m not eating the seafood fettuccini at Milestones again.. the jambalaya fettuccini at Boston Pizza is fine now.. but […]

Getting flirty with the newbies!

October 23, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEFF.. I hope you have a great one today! 🙂 It has been awesome knowing you all these years. I can’t believe I was flirty at my safe place just now.. directed at a newbie, too.. oh well, he’s a big flirt 😉 makes me feel giddy and light inside.. that’s good, right? […]

Sundae Smarties and Winners

October 22, 2003

had a good conversation with Yazmine tonight.. she understands how I’m feeling about a certain issue.. feelings and emotions were much discussed.. we’re going to meet two Fridays from now.. (Nov. 7) one of our destinations is the Richmond Centre dollar store.. (I told her about Sundae Smarties.. interesting and good) later on, we plan […]