Ryan’s advice about an apology… plus anonymous tripe

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENNY.. I hope you have a good one today! 🙂 It’s been good knowing you all these years.

I’ve been doing a bunch of thinking today..
someone advised me to make a big public apology..
since we spent 2+ hours on it, I decided to post it..
probably won’t go over well, but naught I can do..
having no notifications is probably an excellent thing..
then I will take a break or something from it all..

I read certain notes, phoned people, discussed stuff..
no, I don’t pull a “vanishing act” on things gone wrong..
why subject myself to reading a bunch of anonymous tripe?
that can be construed as such an act, sure.. eh well 😉
would I wish things back again at this late date?
honestly, I have no idea.. but perhaps not with everything..
understanding and true friends certainly rock my world..
even if they don’t agree with what I’ve done, they’re cool 😉

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