Dragons and crunchiness

yes, there was still amusement to be found this week..
although you’ll note that mid-week isn’t represented 😉
the common theme of crunchiness is a coincidence!


“Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are good crunchy with mustard.” — Josh, reacting to my MSN name of “I am dragon, hear my fiery roar!” (Sunday, Sept. 21) [that is a very surreal warning there, my friend]

“What?! Crunchy?! I think you need to take a shower!” — Eric, reacting to my answer of “crunchy” when he asked how I was. (Friday, Sept. 26) [no, it wasn’t THAT kind of “crunchy”.. I was just borrowing Spoz terminology 😉 ]

had a good day so far with people I like..
spent time with my friends and the kids..
I wished Auntie Ping a happy birthday..
she asked how I knew.. simple, I have birthday powers 😉
(no, I didn’t tell her THAT.. her kids told me years ago!)

after lunch, I had intense anxious feelings..
(which were justified 2 minutes ago.. that’s another story)
decided to go see Lost in Translation with the guys..
the escalator thing came up again at Metropolis..
Jon, Eric, Phil, Nathan, and Christon came along..
very interesting movie, which kinda hit home..
not the culture shock, but the Japan / mid-life crisis stuff 😉
(never been to Japan, and not of the age to have THAT crisis)
pretty funny and it leaves you guessing at the end..

yep, I was pretty wired on the way home..
only had like 5 hours of sleep last night..
Eric and Jon thought I was on crack..
nope, it’s just a side-effect of spending time with them 😉
“The Bomber *clap* Yeah!” or “The Shiznit” are cool nicks..
I made up the first one, and Jon applied the second to me..
after this, I’ll perhaps go to bed to catch up..
the email didn’t kill me, but I am shaky now..
(eh, I’d go to bed anyhow.. what an excuse..)

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