MSN Upgrades… can’t do them, service staff!

note to .NET Messenger Service Staff:

I don’t NEED a message from you whenever I sign in..
especially not one saying I need to upgrade!
yes, there are security issues with my MSN version..
however, I’ve already tried going to the link provided..
and after what seems like endless hours spent waiting..
it turns out I can’t do any upgrades at all..
(it seems I don’t have the required components..
which is frankly not a very huge surprise to me)
so please take that into account; if I could, I would..
(man, I’m SO glad I’ll be at Jon’s for the next 10 days..
I’ll probably get those messages when I return, though..
not too much to do about it, unless it’ll let me upgrade!)

Here are some quizzes:

Hey… uhh, you’re Ross Gellar. You love being intellectual, and working at the museum. Maybe someday, things will work out with you and Rachel. Until then, keep digging.

Which Friends Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

HA! I guessed right on the last question! Go, me! 😀

You’re Patrick!

Which Spongebob character?
brought to you by Quizilla

This is what that says:

What’s that on your shirt? Woop! Okay, so maybe you’re not THAT dumb to fall for that trick, especially when you’re not even wearing a shirt. But, let’s face it: you are pretty slow and some of the things you say can be considered “out there,” but that’s what keeps your friends close by. Everyone has a stupid side, yours is just more dominant. =D

Yay for small unreadable fonts…. not. 😛

You are Daria… laid back in black… smart and sarcastic.

What Daria Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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