Buying up office supplies and such…

I went out just now to clear my own head..
and when I go out, I invariably spend money..
(it’s bad, I know.. but there IS a link between the two)
bought highlighters, pens, root beer, whiteout..
clear tape (I like it better than invisible tape), and BBT..
definitely was worth it even if it did cost a lot of cash..

so what exactly did I buy? (like you care, hehehe)

20 Avery highlighters (with four to be given to the kids.. I don’t like yellow highlighters for some reason, go figure)
36 PaperMate pens (with a medium point and blue ink)
24 bottles of whiteout (with 2 bonus whiteout pens to be given to the kids.. I don’t like those things, either)
25 boxes of clear tape (8 were the wrong dimension for me, which I didn’t find out till I got home.. those will be for the kids; I’m picky, so go figure THAT one out if you can ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
one can of Barq’s root beer
a green milk tea BBT

even though I don’t use the office supplies for school..
I still use them at home.. y’know what I mean? ๐Ÿ˜‰
heck, I even say they’re for school use when I buy ’em..
it saves me some tax money, and that’s good ๐Ÿ˜‰

for those of you wondering why I don’t return some stuff..
(especially when I’m just going to give it away to the kids)
the whiteout pens were included as a bonus with the bottles..
I’m too lazy to do a return on the 8 boxes of tape..
(I figure the kids will always find a use for it, anyhow)
and there were no highlighter 4-packs without a yellow pen..
(though they included a muted red bonus sparkly highlighter..
to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of Avery Highlighters)

at least I’m sorta cheered up now..
so go on and try your worst!
(or buzz me, I should be in good humor)

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