Citrus’ MSN pick-up lines

Well, this week was certainly one to have the humor flowing back once again.. wooyeah! 🙂


“Spoz listens to Matt Good?” — my brother (Jon) to me, after I told him how Spoz had helped me bypass the autorun of the enhanced features on the Avalanche CD. (Tuesday, Apr. 8) [and no.. Spoz has never listened to Matt Good ever, in his entire life.. he just seems to think I’m obsessed with Matt Good for some bizarre reason :P]

“I’m a peripheral of your computer?” — Cerowyn, after I told him that he was an important part of the computer.. luckily, he got what I meant a little later on. (Wednesday, Apr. 9)

“What keeps me going is the optimistic hope that I’ll be reincarnated as my dog.” — Adam, while we were talking about my apparent sunny cheer despite what I’ve been through / his current misanthropy. (at about 1:40 AM this morning) [I’m sure he was being completely serious, and this inclusion isn’t meant to make fun of him or the dog.. but it just struck me as funny enough to put in here]

Since Citrus’ MSN lines deserve their own category, here they are (those that I remember, anyhow):


1. “Excuse me, I forgot my Bible. Can I share with you?”
2. “Wanna do some one-on-one Bible Study? Only after you finish your work.”
3. “You say I’m crazy? Yes, I am.. crazy for YOU!”
4. “Excuse me, do you have a Band-Aid? I think I hurt myself falling for you.”

I’ll include more as they crop up.. 😉

Oh, and I just heard that The Osbournes will finally premiere their second season on Apr. 22.. guess I’ll be watching the TV listings like a hawk then. 😉 Speaking of such reality shows, Anna Nicole Smith will bring her reality show to Canada sometime this week. You can bet I definitely will NOT watch that!


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